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Jamon Zeiler




A forty year musical career, a devotion to the art of guitar making and a love of pure sound, has made Jamon Zeiler a master guitar builder. Born into a musical family, taught by his Father, Jamon began playing guitar at the age of eight. The Beatles came along and that was it, music would be his life’s path.

At the age of eighteen Jamon became inspired by James Taylor and other acoustic musicians, falling in love with the sound of the acoustic guitar. Jim Ed Norman, once president of Warner Brothers Records said,” Jamon’s voice is smooth and powerful with a gentle delivery”.

Jamon traveled all over the eastern seaboard playing his acoustic music. After a major record label deal fell through, he began looking for a different path in the music industry. Jamon’s father, a bricklayer and home builder taught him to build, repair and make things out of wood. He began first as a carpenter then a cabinet maker, eventually making high end furniture for clients in New York City. In 1990 Jamon saw an ad in Acoustic Guitar Magazine for a seven week seminar in guitar making; this is where it all started. Jamon attended Red Wing Tech in Red Wing M.N. where he spent a year learning to repair string instruments and built four acoustic guitars. After graduating he moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio and worked for Buddy Rodgers Music for 13 years as a repair technician.

In 2004 Jamon moved to Rising Sun Indiana where he continues his work in building and repairing stringed instruments, after fifteen years he has made over one hundred guitars. Currently employed by Harps on Main in Rising Sun as a master Luthier, he continues his life long love of music.  Jamon also performs as a musician, and singer/ song writer in the greater Cincinnati area and is in the process of self publishing his next CD.

Phone: 812-290-4996